Dr Samuel Jones

Dr Jones completed his post-graduate medical training at the University of Queensland in 2007 following a Bachelor of Science in 2003. He undertook basic physician training at the Royal Brisbane and Womens Hospital, and completed 3 years of advanced training in medical oncology in 2016. This training included work at the Royal Brisbane, Princess Alexandra, Mater South Brisbane, Toowoomba, and Gold Coast Hospitals.

Upon obtaining his fellowship, he commenced work in the public system as a Staff Specialist at Mater Hospital South Brisbane and Gold Coast University Hospital, and as a locum at Cairns Base Hospital. Throughout 2017 he provided a private oncology service to Cairns alongside commencing private work in Brisbane.

He is currently employed as a Staff Specialist at Gold Coast University Hospital and Mater Private Hospital Springfield. He also provides a private service at both Mater Private Hospital Springfield and South Brisbane, along with Westside Private Hospital.

He has extensive experience managing all solid tumour types. He has been involved in many phase III trials exploring novel cancer drugs. He has been the guest speaker at several meetings in Cairns, Brisbane, and the Gold Coast, and is also a member of a number of local and international organisations involved in the care of patients with cancer.

His expertise involves the use of not just chemotherapy and hormone therapy, but a range of small targeted molecules, immunotherapy, and other new biological agents. Given the rapidly changing landscape of knowledge in cancer care, he is regularly attending conferences and staying up to date with the latest advances in treatments for cancer patients with all tumour sub-types.

Dr Jones brings an empathetic and positive attitude towards managing his patients with cancer. He is dedicated to always providing a professional service and enabling his patients to be exposed to the most cutting edge clinical trials. He believes that to achieve optimal outcomes, a focus needs to be not only on the cancer treatments, but also on the psychosocial dynamics of the patient and their families. This requires a holistic approach and working in the medical field for over a decade, Dr Jones has extensive experience in this area.

He is also credited with a semester of advanced training in palliative care and this has served him well with providing expertise in managing pain and a host of other symptoms associated with advancing cancers. He is a skillful communicator, which he feels is of utmost importance for his patients to be able to understand where exactly they are in their journey through treatment.


Special Interests

Dr Jones treats all solid tumour types, the following are some of his areas of special interest:

  • Breast cancer

  • Lung cancer

  • Colorectal cancer

  • Gynaecological cancers