The next generation of medical oncologists serving the greater Brisbane community.

Paul, Kate and Sam focus on patient-centered care.


Dr Paul Kalokerinos

Paul’s goal has always been to ensure that patients have an appropriate level of understanding of their cancer diagnosis and treatment options and are involved in their management plans. He is proud to have recently been able to introduce two doctors to Neo Cancer Care service, who share this philosophy.

Paul currently consults and offers treatment to patients at Westside Private, The Wesley, Mater South Brisbane and Mater Redland Hospitals.


Dr Kate Roberts

The newest member of the team, Kate is excited to be able to join Paul and Sam in offering the best treatment options to patients. Enthusiasm for applying a multidisciplinary approach whenever possible, is shared by all three of our doctors who feel that this is essential to ensure that the best management decisions are made.

Kate treats and offers consultations at Westside Private Hospital whilst also having a public role at the Princess Alexandra Hospital.


Dr Sam Jones

Sharing the same level of enthusiasm for a holistic approach to cancer care as Paul and Kate, Sam also strives to ensure all pharmacological and non-pharmacological options are available to patients. This includes facilitating access to allied health services and involving other specialists who treat cancer patients whenever possible.

Currently building a practice at Westside Private, Sam also treats at Mater Springfield and Canossa, providing top level cancer care to to patients of the western suburbs.


Anne - Practice Manager

An experienced member of the team, who has been caring for cancer patients for over ten years, Anne is always there when you need her.


Tina - Reception

Working predominantly at the Redland site, Tina is also an experienced team member who is also there to help you through the cancer journey.


Emma - Reception

The newest admin member, Emma is also there to answer your questions and make the administration side of your care easy and seamless.