Neo Cancer Care

Providing the highest level of cancer care to patients in the greater Brisbane region.


Our Goals

Providing the best possible outcomes, by maintaining a holistic cancer care approach, is the primary aim of the Neo Cancer Care team. To ensure this occurs, we place strong emphasis on the following aspects of cancer care.


Communication & education

Patients need to be well informed about what their cancer diagnosis means and treatment options are.

We inform our patients in a clear, yet thorough manner about their diagnosis and what management options there are. Not only do we educate patients, we are also dedicated to community education being involved in regular educational sessions for general practitioners.

Listening & being patient-focused

The needs and wishes of every patient are different and a patient-centred focus is essential for the best care.

We listen to individual needs and apply a patient-centred approach to treatment by actively involving patients in their management plans. We understand that every patient is different and that every individual places different values on certain aspects of their care.


Keeping up-to-date

The latest treatment options are constantly changing and international breakthroughs are made every day.

Oncology is a rapidly evolving field and we ensure that we are up to speed with the latest international data and can discuss the latest treatment options available at all times.


Making treatment accessible

Not only do we keep informed of the latest options, but we are constantly liaising with our pharmaceutical colleagues to ensure that we have access to as many new treatment options as possible, as soon as they are available.


A multidisciplinary approach

We engage in regular multidisciplinary meetings to ensure not only pharmacological but also surgical, radiation and interventional radiology options are considered. Exercise, psychological well-being, diet and general well-being are also becoming vital parts of cancer management and need to be incorporated into treatment plans.


Referring when appropriate

We are comfortable referring to our surgical, radiation oncology, physician, and interventional radiology colleagues when alternative treatment options are worth considering. A multidisciplinary approach to patient care is essential in providing the best outcomes.


Our Team

By creating patient-focused, individualised treatment plans we ensure that the best possible outcomes occur.


Our Locations

We provide high level cancer care at multiple locations around the greater Brisbane region.


Westside Private Hospital


Wesley Private Hospital


Mater Private Redland


Mater Private South Brisbane


Canossa Private Hospital


Mater Private Springfield